Jul 18, 2023

Best & Worst 2023: Food & Drink

by Richmond magazine staff

August 28, 2023

10:28 AM

Multicategory Winner


5820 Patterson Ave., Suite 103, 804-431-3246

Conejo is known for its house-milled corn tortillas, authentic Mexican small plates and craft cocktails. Under the leadership of Mexico City native chef Danny Mena, the staff recently expanded the menu to include favorites from their specials, including the arrachera, a Mexico City-style fajita plate, and pescado chile limon with rockfish on a bed of heirloom pinto beans with a caper-lemon-jalapeno sauce. “At their first anniversary, 22 of the original employees are still there taking pride in the restaurant they have helped build from day one,” says Susan Davenport, owner/partner of Big Kitchen Hospitality, the restaurant group that operates Conejo.

Illustration by Iain Duffus

1. Conejo

2. Uliveto

3. Eazzy Burger

1. Conejo

2. Mexico Restaurant

3. Mi Jalisco

Joe’s Inn

205 N. Shields Ave., 804-355-2282

Whether it’s a Monday and everywhere else is closed, you’re craving breakfast for dinner, you’re hoping to leave with multi-meal leftovers or you’re looking for a reliable, very Richmond place to take the fam when they come to visit, all signs point to Joe’s Inn, a neighborhood mainstay since 1952. Slide into a booth and prepare for a dose of classic comfort.

2. The Continental

3. Mellow Mushroom

Photo by Nick Hancock courtesy Young Mother

Young Mother

A win late last year on the Max cooking competition “The Big Brunch” confirmed that Young Mother chef Daniel Harthausen, known for his umami-packed broths and Japanese-Korean fare, is indeed a culinary force to be reckoned with. Also find him operating under his more casual pop-up Bad Name, serving dishes from double-fried chicken wings to onigiri.

2. Smashed RVA

3. Horne Dogs

Photo by Shawnee Custalow

Intergalactic Tacos

Owner Brian Graff says, “The music sets the whole mood of the truck,” with everything from ’90s country to disco hits to Kidz Bop, blasting from the speakers. Sourcing from local farms, the truck has regular clients including The Martin Agency, The River Lofts at Tobacco Row and local couple Tracy and Tom Stallings, who host an annual Pirate Party. Must-orders: crispy chicken skin and spicy potato tacos, extra Rocket Sauce, please.

2. Tie: Christopher’s Runaway Gourmay; River City Wood Fire Pizza

3. Jiji Frozen Custard

Mamma Zu

Food, not the customer, directed Mamma Zu, the Fellini-esque cave of homey, garlic-heavy Italian. The restaurant came with its own logic. Parties didn’t seat unless complete, entrees were limited to five per table, no bathroom selfies — that last one was just common sense. Ed Vasaio had no comment, but Fellini’s words apply: “Critics are paid to do parallels. I make … to tell a story … and to amuse.”

2. Saison

3. Foo Dog

Photo courtesy Portico


12506 River Road, 804-784-4800

Chef-owner Paolo Randazzo has fronted restaurants in the Richmond region for decades. His osso buco at the longstanding white-tablecloth Italian spot Franco’s was legendary. Portico’s fare is simpler, focusing on pizza, pasta and burgers, letting the al fresco stone patio take center stage. “The outdoor fireplace is the place to be,” reflects Randazzo, who has won this award for the last several years.

2. Tie: Blue Atlas; The Boathouse

3. The Lilly Pad

Photo courtesy Demi’s Mediterranean Kitchen

Demi’s Mediterranean Kitchen

4017 MacArthur Ave., 804-525-4576

Mediterranean refuge Demi’s may be considered the block’s best-kept secret, but its cast of regulars with weekly resos and standing shrimp Santorini orders like it that way. “We’re tucked away in a little neighborhood,” says co-owner Jimmy Tsamouras, who also operates longstanding diner Dot’s Back Inn. “We’re not in your face, you’re not driving by our restaurant every day, … but once you’ve been, more than likely, you’ll come back.”

2. Bacchus

3. Dinamo

Photo courtesy Lemaire


101 W. Franklin St., 804-649-4629

Lemaire whispers luxury. On its lips, boutique Napa wines are served at peak freshness via a Coravin preservation system. Upon request, in-house florist, Blooms at The Jefferson, will arrange a custom table bouquet. But it’s Executive Chef Patrick Willis’ knack for sourcing, searing, stuffing and sauteing Virginia seafood, among other delectables, that keeps us shouting its praises.

2. L’Opossum

3. Buckhead’s


3120 E. Marshall St., 804-325-3426

With the opening of Alewife’s sister concept, Odyssey, the back-of-house crew at the Church Hill restaurant has been able to blossom. Find longtime sous chef Matthew Brusca in the open kitchen slinging specials, from a fresh scallop ceviche to the famed share-with-a-friend Lazy Susan sampling of sustainable seafood dubbed The Siren Song.

2. Rappahannock

3. The Hard Shell

Photo courtesy Cobra Cabana

Cobra Cabana

901 W. Marshall St., 804-303-3577

The scene in Richmond can simmer down a little early nowadays, but night owls know that Carver’s Cobra Cabana keeps it rockin’ until 2 a.m. With a bangin’ chicken sandwich (also offered sans meat), vegan options that aren’t an afterthought and a playful drink menu — Honky in Kingston joins hibiscus, yerba maté and mezcal — Cobra Cabana is a late-night paradise.

2. Tie: Benny Ventano’s; Galaxy Diner; Sidewalk Cafe

Illustration by Iain Duffus

Multicategory Winner

Stella’s / Stella’s Grocery

For 40 years, in three different locations, Stella’s has been serving rustic Greek food inspired by Stella Dikos’ childhood in Trikala, Greece, to packed dining rooms. With the introduction of their markets in 2015, this family-owned brand cemented its reputation as a local favorite. It can be hard to snag a table at the Lafayette Street restaurant, but Constantine “Dean” Giavos, creative director and son of restaurateurs and market owners Katrina and Johnny Giavos, says, “While there may be a small wait, you can usually get a seat, and while you’re waiting, you can pop by our boutique, Our Life, directly next to the restaurant and relax in the lounge.” Look for a new Stella’s Grocery in River Road Shopping Center II in the coming months.

1. Stella's

2. L’Opossum

3. Grisette

1. Stella's

2. Greek on Cary

3. Bell Greek

1. Stella's

2. Grisette

3. Can Can Brasserie

1. Stella's Grocery

2. Yellow Umbrella Provisions

3. Libbie Market

Mosaic Catering + Events

3001 Cutshaw Ave., 804-525-2190

From navigating snow and rain to feeding thousands of people at Main Street Station and providing food during the 2015 UCI Road World Championships cycling events in Richmond, Mosaic is no stranger to the ever-changing world of catering. This summer, they are introducing choose-your-own dining “picnic packs,” to-go baskets available for parties of 10 or more.

2. Cater 2 Events

3. A Sharper Palate Catering & Events

The Daily Kitchen & Bar

2934 W. Cary St., 804-342-8990; 12201 W. Broad St., 804-360-3800

With an allergen-informed staff and practices in place to prepare the safest meal possible in a facility that also uses wheat products, The Daily’s gluten-free sandwiches, burgers, pizzas — plus rarities such as fried calamari and vegan chocolate peanut butter cheesecake — are all the more delicious. Bonus points for their focused soundproofing efforts, which make dining inside with friends so much more pleasurable.

2. Pinky’s

3. Minglewood Bake Shop


917 W. Grace St., 804-213-0190

Ipanema’s creativity and range make them tough to beat on the vegetarian/vegan scene. Rather than sticking with a menu laden with veggie versions of meat dishes, they push into new territory: delights including sweet potato gnocchi, pan-fried vegetable croquettes with caramelized sherry shallots, creamed leeks and Sichuan eggplant. But don’t worry, they’ve got a killer veggie burger, too.

2. Yummvees

3. The Daily Kitchen & Bar

3 Monkeys

2525 W. Main St., 804-204-2525

“Our customers say they come for a dose of happiness. It’s not just about the drinks — it’s the environment,” says General Manager Rania Yacoub. “I’m part of the new ownership, and I focus on hospitality. I try to make everyone feel like they’re coming into their own house, not just to grab a drink and leave. And I think it keeps people coming back.” Also of note during happy hour: $6 specialty cocktails.

2. Tie: Sedona Taphouse; Wood & Iron

3. The Jasper

Blue Bee Cider

Longtime employees and partners Mackenzie Smith and Taylor Benson took over Blue Bee earlier this year, with plans to reopen in a new location. Smith says, “We source 100% of our apples within Virginia and work with some of the best apple orchards in the state. We intentionally choose apple varietals, sometimes rare, with high levels of tannin, acidity and sugar. These three components can create complex and nuanced ciders alike.

2. Buskey Cider

3. Courthouse Creek Cider

Tie: Bamboo Cafe; O’Toole’s

1 S. Mulberry St., 804-353-1609; 4800 Forest Hill Ave., 804-233-1781, or 13919 Midlothian Turnpike, 804-893-5706

Unpretentious consistency and stiff pours are what regulars expect from Bamboo Cafe. At the Fan’s little red-floored bar that could, you’ll find a contender for the city’s best club sandwich alongside rotating specials, such as longtime chef Alex Morris’ super flavorful chana masala. As for O’Toole’s, owner John O’Toole proclaims, “We’re a scratch kitchen, and we maintain consistency.” A second location in Chesterfield benefits from the original. “We moved cooks here from Forest Hill, where our bestselling item is liver and onions. People love it.”

2. Tie: Joe’s Inn; Patrick Henry’s Pub & Grille

3. The Grill

The Jasper

3113 W. Cary St.

Richmonders, make sure you get the Quoit Club Punch so you can share a bit of history with friends. “The Quoit Club Punch … was created by [mid-1800s Quoit Club mixologist] Jasper Crouch, who we named the bar after,” co-owner Brandon Peck says. “It’s a blend of Jamaican rum, brandy, rainwater Madeira, lemon juice and oleo saccharin, basically a lemon peel-infused sugar. It’s a stunner of a drink if you’ve never had one.”

2. The Roosevelt

3. Tie: Grandstaff & Stein; Sidecar Cocktail Lounge


2410 Ownby Lane, 804-420-2420; 820 Sanctuary Trail Drive, 804-420-2420

It’s the name mentioned in any conversation about Richmond brewing. Hardywood rules — both as a masterful beer-making machine and as a community supporter. “We source all the raspberries for Raspberry Stout and all blackberries for Virginia Blackberry every year from Agriberry Farms in Hanover,” notes Marketing Director Maddie Wood. Want to drink like Hardywood staff? Make a shandy with their housemade Francie’s Lemonade.

2. Triple Crossing Beer

3. Ardent Craft Ales

Upper Shirley Vineyards

600 Shirley Plantation Road, 804-829-9463

Upper Shirley Wine Director and co-owner Tayloe Dameron takes pride in his product. “We’re 10 years under vine and seven years in the restaurant and wedding business. We’ve proved that we make good wine in Charles City, in the new Virginia Peninsula AVA [American Viticultural Area].” Current releases include the 2019 Blanc de Blancs made in the champenoise method and Divertido, a chillable red Mourvèdre.

2. Barboursville Vineyards

3. James River Cellars Winery

Virago Spirits

1727 Rhoadmiller St., 804-355-8746

“Virago [is] a Latin word meaning female warrior. We chose it because it represents everyone who defines themselves to the world, rather than letting the world define who they are. It also happens to be a mashup of where we’re from: Virginia and Chicago,” says Virago Spirits co-owner and co-distiller Barry Haneberg. If you haven’t had the lemongrass- and Sichuan peppercorn-laced oolong gin, go get it immediately, and sit down for a cocktail while you’re there.

2. Reservoir Distillery

3. Belle Isle Moonshine

J. Emerson Fine Wine

5716 Grove Ave., 804-285-8011

J. Emerson celebrates the history, culture and practices around the creation of wine. Interesting fact regarding their 9 a.m. open time (and proof of the shop’s passion) from owner Jim Compton: “Thirty years ago, deliveries were often not made in refrigerated trucks, so we demanded that deliveries take place in the morning, preferably before 10 a.m., to be confident that the wines would come in at a proper temperature.”

2. Second Bottle Wine and Snack Shop

3. Celladora Wines

Agriberry Farm

6289 River Road, 804-537-0448

One of the only berry CSAs in the state, Hanover’s Agriberry feeds over 700 members a month with its harvest shares, which feature everything from their highly sought strawberries to purple raspberries. “We are a multigenerational fruit farming family. My parents started farming in the ’80s,” says Pierson Geyer, who has been working full time at the farm since 2012 and is currently transitioning to full ownership.

2. Tie: Chesterfield Berry Farm; Hanover Vegetable Farm

3. Tie: Amy’s Garden; Broadfork Farm [Moseley]; Manakintowne Specialty Growers; Shine Farms

Photo courtesy AR’s Hot Southern Honey

AR’s Hot Southern Honey

Chances are, if you run into Ames Russell, he will have a few bottles of his heat-kissed honeys (and his competitors’) on hand. Introducing hot honey peanut butter to his offerings earlier this year, the Church Hill resident says, “I grew up eating [peanut butter] with a spoon.” This summer, he is teaming up with Gelati Celesti to introduce a collaborative ice cream flavor that features a vanilla base, AR’s spicy honey peanut butter and chocolate chips.

2. Ukrop’s products

3. Nightingale Ice Cream Sandwiches

RVA Big Market

4308 Hermitage Road

On Saturday mornings, this year-round farmers market is the place to see and be seen. Relocating to Bryan Park in 2021, the longtime celebration of local — known to cause a little Lakeside traffic — has only continued to grow over the years, offering a diverse range of purveyors. Cronuts, produce, ferments, lumpia, fresh-cut flowers — the market haul potential is endless. Bonus: The dog-to-human ratio can teeter in favor of our furry friends.

2. The Farmers Market at St. Stephen’s

3. South of the James Farmers Market


Don’t enter a Wegmans expecting a quick trip; the stores are massive and multifaceted. With locations in Midlothian and Short Pump, the store has been known to distract a customer or two with its overflowing cheese case, prodigious aisles and beers on tap. “All of our stores have their own unique personality while maintaining the look and feel that Wegmans is known for,” says Wegmans Public Relations Manager Marcie Riviera.

2. Publix

3. Kroger

Photo courtesy Publix


There are two mindsets when hitting the grocery store: functionality and fun. Publix Media Relations Manager Jared Glover says the 92-year-old company, backed by solid customer service, aims for consumers to experience both. “We want shopping to feel like a pleasure instead of another chore,” he says. Fun fact: Publix Super Markets is the nation’s largest employee-owned company.

2. Wegmans

3. Trader Joe’s

Illustration by Iain Duffus

Multicategory Winner


1831 W. Cary St., 804-938-3449

There’s pandemic change to dig into at Shyndigz, says co-owner Nicole Jessee. “We evolved … said goodbye to our beloved Shyndigz (sit-down cafe) and put that energy into the market, the central bakery and upcoming boutique hotel, Dear John, which we hope to complete by 2025. We are so excited to get started!” But what readers really want to know is how Jessee developed her signature dessert. “Back at little Shyndigz [on Patterson Avenue], I was trying to make caramel icing. It wasn’t right; not the consistency I’d wanted. I dipped my finger in, tasted it, and my endorphins immediately started dancing! We stood in the middle of that tiny kitchen eating chocolate cake scraps drizzled with caramel and sea salt … hence the Salted Chocolate Caramel Cake.”

1. Shyndigz

2. Gelati Celesti

3. Ruby Scoops

1. Shyndigz

2. Westhampton Pastry Shop

3. Pearl’s Bake Shoppe

For the Love of Chocolate

3136 W. Cary St., 804-359-5645

“We have grown adults coming in every day telling us how they used to come to the store when they were kids, and now they are bringing their own children in to peruse,” says co-owner Elizabeth Vranas. If you haven’t been in recently, go take a look — the Carytown staple was remodeled in July. Vranas says the store’s two top sellers are consistently chocolate-covered strawberries and Asher’s milk and dark chocolate sea salt caramels.

2. Tie: Chocolate Cravings; JC Desserts; Miss Maude’s Bar of Chocolates

Photo courtesy Gelati Celesti

Gelati Celesti

Gelati Celesti has churned since 1984, cementing its unique flavors into Richmond’s DNA. Heidi LaSalata, marketing manager, credits creative collaborations using beloved local products, such as Ukrop’s rainbow cookies, as one reason for their success. Other seasonal scoops include Chesapeake (salted caramel ice cream with Old Bay), Afternoon Snack (graham cracker ice cream and mini peanut butter cups) and Blueberry Lavender.

2. Ruby Scoops

3. Bruster’s Real Ice Cream

Pizza Bones

2314 Jefferson Ave., 804-499-3090

Launched in 2019 as a pop-up, Pizza Bones has grown to become a Union Hill community hub. And while naturally leavened pizzas landed them here, their natural wines, available from the attached Friend Bar, are not to be missed. Owner Ashley Patino says to stay tuned for Encounter, a natural wine fair on Nov. 12 at the ICA. “It will … allow consumers to come face to face with wine makers, ask questions, taste wines, get excited and then access those wines for take-home.”

2. Bottoms Up Pizza

3. Belmont Pizzeria

Illustration by Iain Duffus

Multicategory Winner

Burger Bach

This bastion of burgers and fries spans a trio of restaurants in Carytown, Short Pump and Midlothian. Since its debut in 2012, Burger Bach has imported beef from New Zealand, served hand-cut fries and whipped up dipping sauces aplenty, from Manuka honey mustard to an herby basil pesto aioli. P.S.: It’s pronounced “batch” — New Zealand slang for a vacation home.

1. Burger Bach

2. Can Can Brasserie

3. Cobra Burger

1. Burger Bach

2. Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint

3. Cobra Burger

Don’t Look Back

3306 W. Broad St., 804-655-2770

Don’t Look Back checks the boxes for reliably delicious tacos and a hipster Richmond charm we’ve adored over the years. Next time you visit, peep the wall for a pic of Bob Dylan from the 1967 documentary about his U.K. concert tour “Don’t Look Back,” a reference to the restaurant’s name.

2. TBT El Gallo

3. Wong’s Tacos

Illustration by Iain Duffus

Multicategory Winner


2001 Park Ave., 804-367-7909

Located in the heart of the Fan, Garnett’s is a quintessential neighborhood lunch spot, with a cozy, retro interior and a comforting selection of sandwiches, homemade cakes and pies. If it’s packed inside, as it usually is at lunchtime, opt for a picnic in the nearby park with a returnable vintage picnic basket. Owner Kendra Feather advises guests not to sleep on off-menu favorites such as the hearty Point Guard, a combination of turkey, bacon, Swiss cheese, jalapeno, caramelized onions and Duke’s mayo on Italian bread. Feather recommends asking for it grilled. And, she adds, when tomato soup is on the menu, “get it with a dollop of Mornay sauce in it.”

1. Garnett's

2. Union Market

3. Can Can Brasserie

1. Garnett's

2. Tie: Coppola’s Deli; Secret Sandwich Society

3. Chiocca’s

Photo by Ash Daniel

Lucky AF

3103 W. Leigh St., 804-905-9888

In June, Lucky AF rolled over 14,000 rolls for guests at its Scott’s Addition sushi lair and cocktail bar. On busy nights, a team of five or six can be found crafting rolls from the signature Lucky AF to the Truffle Menage a Trois. “It takes them all working in harmony to get the rolls out fast,” says General Manager Aubrey Gagnon. Pro-tip: Don’t skip the tropical Te Fiti cocktail.

2. Fighting Fish

3. Tie: Red Salt Chophouse & Sushi; Sticky Rice

Tie: Grace Noodle; Takara Ramen

1823 E. Main St.; 9468 W. Broad St., 15781 WC Main St., Midlothian

When the broth hits the lips, anxiety seems to magically dissipate. An any-time-of-year comfort food, ramen is the reason diners roll up to both downtown gem Grace Noodle and izakaya-style laidback pub Takara Ramen. Seeking a bowl of spicy miso or creamy, rich tonkatsu paired with a draft Sapporo? Go Takara. Want to slurp a solo bowl of tan tan or kimchi ramen to brighten the spirits? Grace Noodle is the answer.

2. Tie: Main St. Dragon; Ramen Spot

3. Pho Luca’s


8510 Patterson Ave., 804-750-2000

“The team is passionate about wines and engage in blind tasting exercises,” says General Manager Woo Brower. And while the staff are thoroughly committed to wine service, Buckhead’s takes the crown for its prime cuts of beef. Owner Mark Herndon says, “My favorite steak is a perfectly medium-rare New York Strip, but the Steak Fromage is my special occasion steak. It was put on the map when Daniel Radcliffe graced us with a generous compliment after dining with us years ago.”

2. Ruth’s Chris Steak House

3. Old Original Bookbinder’s Seafood & Steakhouse

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken

2200 W. Broad St., 804-355-1059

Richmond will happily stake a claim as Lee’s only Virginia outpost; the Broad Street fried chicken chain has been enticing customers since 1991. Franchise owner Henry Loving says they serve more than 300,000 customers a year. His pro-tip? Always order a side of green beans.

2. Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods/Market Hall

3. Buttermilk and Honey

Photo by Justin Chesney

Buz and Ned’s Real Barbecue

8205 W. Broad St., 804-346-4227

Buz and Ned’s has established itself as a Richmond classic since the smokestacks first rose in 1992. While the original location on Arthur Ashe Boulevard closed last year, owner Buz Grossberg and his crew are still serving pulled pork ’cue and fixin’s at the Broad Street location.

2. Deep Run Roadhouse

3. Virginia BBQ Lakeside

Peter Chang

11408 W. Broad St., 804-364-1688; 2816 W. Broad St., Suite A, 804-728-1820

Chef Peter Chang has opened more than 15 restaurants since launching his empire with the namesake Peter Chang Charlottesville in 2011. His key to conquering the realm is the kitchen. Chang says, “If my name is on the building, it must be good.” Chef Phil Wang, who helms the Scott’s Addition location, hails from Chang’s home province of Hubei and has worked with him for over 20 years.

2. Peking (West Broad Street)

3. Tie: Beijing on Grove; Yen Ching

Photo courtesy Korean Garden

Korean Garden

6827 Midlothian Turnpike, 804-675-0511

With Korean Garden, one of the first restaurants of its kind in the city, legit bulgogi and bibimbap has sizzled in Richmond for over 30 years. While this Midlothian eatery serves traditional Korean fare, hungry friends and families flock there to group around private charcoal grill tables and feast on unlimited Korean barbecue, from short ribs to sliced pork belly.

2. Hot Pot 757

3. Bonchon


4015 Lauderdale Drive, 804-360-8686

It may not be the newest or most nationally recognized Indian restaurant in the area, but nestled in a Henrico shopping center, Anokha, which translates to “unique,” has been serving craveable East-meets-West dishes since 2010. Anokha owners Jaswinder Singh and Charanjeet Ghotra also operate Milan Indian Cuisine in Lynchburg and Charlottesville.

2. Lemon Cuisine of India

3. Kismet Modern Indian


6004 W. Broad St., 804-288-8929

“After 28 years, we still win something! We have the same menu as when we opened,” says Mekong owner and beer guru An Bui. While pho is now much more popular and Bui’s passion for craft beer has mushroomed into the adjacent The Answer Brewpub, it’s still a family business. “My daughter now buses tables; everyone starts at the bottom,” he says.

2. Pho Tay Do

3. Vietnam 1

Mom’s Siam

2811 W. Cary St., 804-359-7606

“When we opened, my kids were young. This mom is now a grandma,” says owner Sukanya Pala-art, who oversees multiple locations of Mom’s Siam. She also holds sway in her children’s businesses, YaYa’s Cookbook, My Noodle & Bar, and MPM Tiki & Sports Bar. So, what to order? “Green curry,” Pala-art says. “Our curry is the best — we only use real coconut milk. We never mix in milk or cream.”

2. Thai Diner/Thai Diner Too

3. Tie: Ginger Thai Taste; Pad Thai

Blanchard’s Coffee

From Black Dog to Dark as Dark, Blanchard’s beans have been a part of coffee drinkers’ morning routines for decades. The pour-over pros recently relaunched public coffee cuppings every Friday at 10:30 a.m. “This was one of our favorite pre-pandemic programs — an opportunity for anyone to walk in and taste the coffees we’re excited about,” says Stephen T. Robertson, director of sales and communications for Blanchard’s.

2. Tie: Ironclad Coffee Roasters; Sugar & Twine

3. The Local Cup

Photo by Eileen Mellon

Moore Street Cafe

2904 W. Moore St., 804-359-5970

Despite the development around it, Moore Street Cafe in Scott’s Addition has maintained its big-diner energy through a no-frills brunch and greetings that end with “honey.” Recently joining the noteworthy Breakfast Club in the sandwich lineup are the Good Moore-ning Reuben, A.M. Philly and The Barnyard Biscuit. While breakfast gets most of the spotlight, co-owners Charlie Hughes and Amy Quidley recommend giving lunch a try, too.

2. SB’s Love Shack

3. Perly’s

Sub Rosa Bakery

620 N. 25th St., 804-788-7672

Sub Rosa is a special place where rustic reigns supreme and wood-fired pastries and naturally leavened bread remind our palates of the simple pleasures in life. Brother-and-sister baking duo Evrim and Evin Dogu source stone-ground flour from local farmers, which adds a little magic. P.S.: Their offerings can also be found at the Birdhouse Farmers Market on Tuesdays, in season.

2. Chewy’s Bagels

3. Idle Hands Bread Company

North End Juice Co.

718 N. Cleveland St., 804-729-7340; 2400 Jefferson Ave., 804-562-1208

Co-owner Brogan Rogers jumps in to serve health-focused, globally inspired drinks, such as the tropical fruit-spiked Costa, alongside smoothie bowls at locations in Church Hill and the original Museum District walk-up window. “We would be nothing without the army of regulars who visit us every single day,” Rogers says.

2. The Beet Box

3. Tie: Ginger Juice; The Pit & the Peel

by Richmond magazine staff

August 28, 2023

10:28 AM

Conejo1. Conejo2. Uliveto 3. Eazzy Burger 1. Conejo2. Mexico Restaurant3. Mi Jalisco Joe’s Inn2. The Continental 3. Mellow Mushroom Young Mother2. Smashed RVA 3. Horne DogsIntergalactic Tacos2. Tie: Christopher’s Runaway Gourmay; River City Wood Fire Pizza 3. Jiji Frozen CustardMamma Zu2. Saison3. Foo Dog Portico2. Tie: Blue Atlas; The Boathouse3. The Lilly Pad Demi’s Mediterranean Kitchen2. Bacchus3. DinamoLemaire2. L’Opossum3. Buckhead’sAlewife2. Rappahannock3. The Hard ShellCobra Cabana2. Tie: Benny Ventano’s; Galaxy Diner; Sidewalk CafeStella’s / Stella’s Grocery1. Stella's2. L’Opossum 3. Grisette 1. Stella's2. Greek on Cary 3. Bell Greek 1. Stella's2. Grisette 3. Can Can Brasserie 1. Stella's Grocery2. Yellow Umbrella Provisions 3. Libbie Market Mosaic Catering + Events2. Cater 2 Events 3. A Sharper Palate Catering & Events The Daily Kitchen & Bar2. Pinky’s3. Minglewood Bake Shop Ipanema2. Yummvees 3. The Daily Kitchen & Bar 3 Monkeys2. Tie: Sedona Taphouse; Wood & Iron3. The Jasper Blue Bee Cider2. Buskey Cider 3. Courthouse Creek Cider Tie: Bamboo Cafe; O’Toole’s2. Tie: Joe’s Inn; Patrick Henry’s Pub & Grille3. The GrillThe Jasper2. The Roosevelt 3. Tie: Grandstaff & Stein; Sidecar Cocktail Lounge Hardywood2. Triple Crossing Beer 3. Ardent Craft Ales Upper Shirley Vineyards 2. Barboursville Vineyards 3. James River Cellars WineryVirago Spirits2. Reservoir Distillery3. Belle Isle MoonshineJ. Emerson Fine Wine2. Second Bottle Wine and Snack Shop 3. Celladora Wines Agriberry Farm 2. Tie: Chesterfield Berry Farm; Hanover Vegetable Farm3. Tie: Amy’s Garden; Broadfork Farm [Moseley]; Manakintowne Specialty Growers; Shine FarmsAR’s Hot Southern Honey 2. Ukrop’s products3. Nightingale Ice Cream Sandwiches RVA Big Market2. The Farmers Market at St. Stephen’s 3. South of the James Farmers Market Wegmans2. Publix3. Kroger Customer Service Publix2. Wegmans3. Trader Joe’s Shyndigz1. Shyndigz2. Gelati Celesti 3. Ruby Scoops 1. Shyndigz2. Westhampton Pastry Shop 3. Pearl’s Bake ShoppeFor the Love of Chocolate2. Tie: Chocolate Cravings; JC Desserts; Miss Maude’s Bar of Chocolates Gelati Celesti2. Ruby Scoops3. Bruster’s Real Ice Cream Pizza Bones2. Bottoms Up Pizza 3. Belmont Pizzeria Burger Bach1. Burger Bach 2. Can Can Brasserie 3. Cobra BurgerBest Burgers 1. Burger Bach2. Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint 3. Cobra Burger Don’t Look Back 2. TBT El Gallo3. Wong’s Tacos Garnett’s1. Garnett's2. Union Market 3. Can Can Brasserie 1. Garnett's2. Tie: Coppola’s Deli; Secret Sandwich Society 3. Chiocca’s Lucky AF2. Fighting Fish 3. Tie: Red Salt Chophouse & Sushi; Sticky RiceTie: Grace Noodle; Takara Ramen2. Tie: Main St. Dragon; Ramen Spot3. Pho Luca’s Buckhead’s 2. Ruth’s Chris Steak House 3. Old Original Bookbinder’s Seafood & SteakhouseLee’s Famous Recipe Chicken2. Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods/Market Hall3. Buttermilk and HoneyBuz and Ned’s Real Barbecue2. Deep Run Roadhouse3. Virginia BBQ LakesidePeter Chang 2. Peking (West Broad Street)3. Tie: Beijing on Grove; Yen ChingKorean Garden2. Hot Pot 7573. BonchonAnokha 2. Lemon Cuisine of India 3. Kismet Modern IndianMekong2. Pho Tay Do 3. Vietnam 1 Mom’s Siam Blanchard’s Coffee2. Tie: Ironclad Coffee Roasters; Sugar & Twine 3. The Local Cup Moore Street Cafe2. SB’s Love Shack3. Perly’s Sub Rosa Bakery2. Chewy’s Bagels 3. Idle Hands Bread Company North End Juice Co. 2. The Beet Box3. Tie: Ginger Juice; The Pit & the Peel