Jul 21, 2023

Police reports

Aug 17, 2023

Toronto Police

Charged: Jackie Gotschall, 44, 6832 state Route 213, contempt, Monday.

Brooke County Sheriff

Charged: Heather N. Doyle, 47, 1145 McCords Hill Road, Wellsburg, attempting malicious wounding and strangulation, Sunday. A man known to Doyle told sheriff’s deputies that during a heated argument, she attempted to choke him and swung a large pair of tree trimmers at him and when he raised his hands to block them, they cut his hands. Deputies said one of the man’s hands and one of his ears were bleeding.

Charged: Anthony A. Andrenok, 33, Jefferson, Pa., possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, Saturday.

Charged: Patrick R. McGrew, 45, 131 Ward Drive, Wintersville, petit larceny, Tuesday.

Wellsburg Police

Charged: Patrick M. Long, 29, 86 27th St., Wellsburg, domestic assault, Tuesday.

Weirton Police

Charged: Gerald L. Young, 56, 548 Brookline Drive, Weirton, possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, Friday.

Jefferson County Sheriff

At risk: A Norfolk-Southern operator told deputies three teens were playing on the tracks in the Pottery Addition area and one of them “came dangerously close to being struck by the train,” Tuesday. An officer made several passes through the area but didn’t find anything out of the ordinary, deputies said.

Food run: Callers reported a suspicious woman sitting in the parking lot of the Marathon gas station in Tiltonsville, Tuesday. They said the woman didn’t threaten anyone but at one point was “fighting with the ice machine” and had been talking to herself. Deputies located her at the bus stop, and she told them she didn’t need medical attention or police aid, saying she’d caught the bus from Wheeling to Tiltonsville “in an attempt to make copies of paperwork and (because she) wanted a pepperoni roll” from the gas station. She said after she got her pepperoni roll she decided to catch the bus back to Wheeling.

Broken: A resident on state Route 213 initially reported his windshield had been shattered by a bullet, but when deputies arrived, he told them after looking at it again he thinks a rock hit his car from the high winds the night before, Monday.

Steubenville Police

Need for speed: A woman in a wheelchair in the 100 block of South Fourth Street needed police assistance to return home, Tuesday. She told police her motorized wheelchair was “too slow for her” and needed help getting to a location on Sixth Street, but firefighters couldn’t transport her nor could anyone at her destination. A Steel Valley Regional Transit Authority bus driver saved the day, picking her up and transported her to her destination.

Wrong place, wrong time: A man walked into his ex’s residence in the 400 block of South Fifth Street and started punching a man who was there to visit a coworker, Tuesday. The victim told police he’d been hit in the head “between 15 (and) 20 times.” The homeowner said she’d recently separated from her ex and he’d stopped by to pick up an item but when he saw the man there he started arguing with him, then got physical.

Jailhouse blues: A city resident said she got a text from a man while he was incarcerated in the Jefferson County jail, in violation of a protection order she has against him, Tuesday. She said he used another inmate’s tablet to contact her.

Strained relations: An Orchard Avenue resident said an individual who lives in an apartment above her and who her family has known for years “recently began harassing and threatening them,” Tuesday. She said the upstairs tenant “got into a fight with her daughter and since then, she has been texting threats and obscenities” to them, broke an apartment door and destroyed possessions they had on a shared porch. She said the man also has been pounding on the floor for extended periods and played videos for police of the “loud, constant pounding” for police.

Fighting: A disturbance was reported in the 400 block of Adams Street, Tuesday. Police said the male wouldn’t come to the door and the woman insisted the disagreement was strictly verbal, though neighbors said they heard a physical altercation.

Street walker: Callers reported a man walking in the street at Seventh Street and Franklin Avenue causing a traffic hazard, Tuesday. Police witnessed him throwing his trash in the street and made him pick it up and told him to use the sidewalks, which he did.

Drugs: Steubenville firefighters/EMS used Narcan to revive a man in the 1200 block of Tweed Avenue who was suffering an apparent overdose, Wednesday. He was issued a drug overdose form and taken to the hospital for treatment.

Drive up: A Maryland Avenue resident said a man pulled up in front of her residence “and began yelling at them while on the porch,” Tuesday. He left in a small red vehicle with Ohio plates, she said.

Recurring problems: A Greenwich Avenue resident and her live-in boyfriend caused problems, Tuesday. Police were called to the residence twice after callers reported disturbances. Police spoke with both of them and said they’d agreed to stay separated for the night — the male had already left the residence. About 40 minutes later they were fighting again, but by the time police arrived the male was gone again and the female refused to speak with them.

Booked: Angel Marsh, 48, 201 Buena Vista Blvd., Steubenville, warrant for failure to appear, Tuesday.

Code issues: Notices of violation were sent to owners/occupants of properties at 511 Union Ave., high grass/weeds, and 1625 Ridge Ave., refrigerator in front yard, high grass/weeds.

Cited: Diane Reed, 39, 149 Lovers Lane, Steubenville, failure to yield right of way. Reed was cited after a two-car accident Tuesday at Belleview Boulevard and Lawson Avenue; Travis S. Gray Jr., 31, 1225 Oregon Ave., Steubenville, driving under suspension and speeding; Mary E. McGarry, 67, St. Clairsville, red light violation; Shane Moore, 19, 446 S. Sixth St., Steubenville, driving under suspension.

Cited for speeding: Patricia Dallas, 69, 1019 Wilson Ave., Steubenville; Mary Beth Emmerth, 61, Wheeling; Patrick G. Morris, 37, 425 Logan Ave., Mingo Junction; Steven Diaz, 33, New York City; and Cynthia M. Roberts, 42, 422 Main St. (rear), Wellsburg.

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