Aug 01, 2023

What is #IceRestock and why does it have over 436 million views on TikTok?

Mon, August 14, 2023 at 11:53:30 AM EDT

Sure, you could get ice cubes from a built-in ice maker in the fridge or even a countertop machine, but the #icerestock movement is full of people upping their ice cube game.

Now trending on TikTok with over 436 million views, the #icerestock movement sees people posting ASMR videos filling ice cube trays and molds and popping them out to restock their stashes — much to the delight of viewers.

“This gives me too much serotonin,” wrote Yeva Berez (@yevaberez) on her #icerestock video.

Part 2| this gives me too much serotonin🩵 #asmr#asmrsounds#icerestock#restock#organizedhome#gourmetice#satisfying

The hashtag refers to nothing more than people stocking their freezers with ice cubes. But typically, the ice cubes are not your traditional variety — instead, they’re jazzed-up versions that include fruit and herbs, fancy shapes and sizes and frozen fruit, candy or even other beverages and coffee beans to amp up the flavor in cooled drinks.

Berez, for instance, showed off everything from “kiwi and berry rose” ice cubes to glitter flower ice cubes to lemon and rosemary ice sticks.

Comments on Berez’s video range from amazement to incredulity — “ok but level with me, they all taste like ‘fridge’ don’t they?” questioned @ttmac_ — but they admitted that there’s an appeal to the #icerestock movement that they can’t deny.

“I’m like this is ridiculous but also I like the clicky clacky noises,” admitted @emeraldgoddessofthesouth.

“i dont use ice in any of my drinks but i think it would benefit me to live like this ngl,” added @kwillpleasedont.

The Specialty Food Association reported on #icetok back in March, explaining that the “designer ice” trend was born during the pandemic when people were looking to elevate their at-home drink game.

“I know there’s been a steady increase [in specialty ice], but some switch flipped in the past six months…I feel like it’s everywhere, particularly with those videos,” cocktail writer Camper English told the food outlet.

Content creators like Kaeli Mae (@kaelimaee) often use molds that can be purchased (and yes, many have Amazon storefronts with affiliate links) to achieve their impressive ice cubes.

all the sounds🤭🤭 all ice molds on my ämzn!!! 🍋🫐🍓🥒🥥🥝 #icedrawer #icerestock #asmr #asmrsounds #satisfying #aesthetic #restock #organize #home

Popular ice cube shapes include tiny spheres and long stick versions meant for water bottles.

“THOES SPHERES LOOK SO GOOD,” noted @capcutedits_foruu on Mae’s TikTok.

Influencer Victoria ( even uses heart-shaped ice molds and fills them with flavored cold brew to keep her iced coffee cool and undiluted.

Refilling my ice trays 🫐🧊🍵☕️🤍 all of the trays can be found in my amazön storefrönt #refillday #restockasmr #restock #asmrrestock #asmrsounds #ice #icecube #icerestock #aesthetic #home #satisfying #trending #restocking #foryoupage #fyp #viral #fruitice #coffeeice #icerefill

“I know it’s too much but somehow i love it,” wrote @sajede_hoseini on Victoria’s TikTok.

Some commenters, such as those on Mae’s video, have a lot of questions about the practicality of creating, storing and even using these ice cubes, but plenty of others admit they find the entire process incredibly soothing.

“Im asking myself this everytime I see your videos: why is it so relaxing by watching it?” noted @yourugcbestie5.

And others just say they enjoy the videos because they happen to be ice lovers who appreciate the many “flavors” and ranges that ice cubes can come in.

“Heaven for all the ice eaters,” @jaredzaragoza715 summed up.

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