Jul 31, 2023

Keep Your Drinks Cold and the Party Going With Kismile Commercial Ice Makers

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Backyard BBQ season is upon us, so it’s time to get your hosting gear and accessories stocked and ready. Whether you’ll be filling an outdoor cooler to keep drinks chilled, making smoothies for the soccer team, or you’re hosting Margarita Monday, you’ll never run out of ice with one of Kismile’s three commercial-grade ice makers.

These ice makers are compact enough for your home kitchen and patio, but powerful enough to support the needs of food trucks, cafés, and restaurants. Check out these three great options to see which fits your lifestyle best.

The Kismile Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker can store 33 lbs of ice and comes in three different-sized ice outputs based on your needs: 100 lbs per day, 200 lbs per day, or 265 lbs per day, with an ice-making cycle of 11-20 minutes.

The compact and portable design makes it a great choice for at-home use and the quiet compressor means it won’t be a disturbance while running. In the summer months, it can be easily set up on your patio for parties and outdoor living. And when the weather turns, at only 32 inches tall, it can fit in your home bar and under standard countertops.

With its easy-to-operate LCD screen, you can time your ice making, adjust the ice-cube thickness, start the self-cleaning mode, control the temperature, and monitor the status of your water levels and ice output. Once your ice is ready, the curved clamshell design and handy scoop make it easy to grab as much or as little ice as you need.

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The sleek Kismile Built-in Ice Maker Machine makes the perfect addition to your kitchen or home bar. With an ice basket that can hold 25 lbs of ice and an output of 80 lbs per day at 11-20 minutes per cycle, this ice maker is the perfect workhorse for a busy home. You can adjust your ice cubes by choosing between thin, medium, or thick for different needs or occasions.

Customizable features include a stainless steel or black finish, plus an insulated door that can be installed on either side and will fit under standard-height kitchen and bar counters. You won’t have to worry about leaks with an upgraded drain pump to help your unit drain water more efficiently and prevent water leakage.

Use the discount code KSMUF and get the Kismile Built-in Ice Maker Machine for an additional 15% off.

The split design of the Kismile Commercial Ice Maker With Bin makes this hardworking unit a versatile addition to cafés, restaurants, or busy homes. This machine can produce an astounding 360 lbs of ice per day, with three different ice-cube thickness options, and an ice-making cycle of 8-15 minutes.

The portable bottom storage bin can hold 200 lbs of ice, which is easily accessed from the flexible flip-up lid. Bring the storage bin wherever it’s needed while the top stays put, producing more ice.

Using the intelligent LCD panel, you can easily clean your unit, time your ice-making, monitor productivity, and more. This ice maker is powerful enough for a full restaurant but simple and functional enough for your home.

Use discount code KSMUF and get the Kismile Commercial Ice Maker With Bin for an additional 15% off.

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