Jun 21, 2023

The best ice cream makers for every kitchen

Ice cream makers have never had a moment like other popular kitchen devices. They’ve never quite been on the trending list, like bread makers or air fryers, which we can’t understand. After all, ice cream in objectively delicious.

It could be time for ice cream makers to have their moment in the sun — well, not quite the sun, because that would melt the ice cream. Either way, it’s an appliance that you’ll absolutely love even if it isn’t all that trendy. Because, as we already mentioned, who doesn’t like ice cream? Having a constant supply of it is surely a good thing.

Buying an ice cream maker isn’t like rushing up to the ice cream van and ordering a 99 with a flake. It’s just not that simple. Especially if you’ve never owned one before. Allow us to get you started with some helpful information on ice cream makers.

It’s easy. You add the mixture into a bowl (cream, milk, sugar, and any flavouring) which the machine then stirs with a rotating paddle. The machine drops the temperature, freezing the mix. Some premium-level machines have a built-in freezer, others have a bowl that you need to pop in the freezer beforehand. The mix should also expand during the process. The amount of ice cream you’ll get depends on the bowl capacity.

As you’ll see below, different ice cream makers will work with different time scales — somewhere between 20 and 50 minutes. It’s worth noting that pre-freezing a bowl can take around eight hours or more. If you live in a household with kids who are likely to start demanding ice cream at any given time, it might be worth keeping that bowl in the freezer permanently, so it’s always ready to go.

On more expensive models you’ll find literally cool features, such as built-in freezing or settings to control the consistency of your ice cream (or other frozen dessert). One feature that’s always welcome — and found in cheaper models — is a chute in the lid to add ingredients, whether it’s flavouring or nuts, while the ice cream is being made.

Ice cream makers don't only make ice cream. Certain models will make ice cream variations, such as sorbet and gelato, or frozen yoghurt. What’s not to like?

There are plenty of top-quality models on offer from well-known brands like Cuisinart and Sage. We have checked out customer reviews, features, and specifications to put together a very chill list. Whether you're a total beginner looking to whip something up, or a professional ice cream maker-in-the-making, there’s something for you here.

These are the best ice cream makers in 2023.

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