Aug 10, 2023

Our Favorite Ice Maker Is Over $100 Off and Can Produce at Least 24 Pounds of Ice Daily

Running out of ice is out of the equation.

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Ice is essential when making a drink, yet there never seems to be enough in the house. Ice cube trays don’t make enough, and ice makers in refrigerators don’t make it quickly enough, especially when you’re hosting a party. Sure you can run to the grocery store and grab bags of ice, but then you are either cramming them into the freezer or storing them in a cooler, hoping they don’t melt. A better alternative is an ice maker that can keep up with the demand.

Our favorite ice maker does just that. This powerful machine can make at least 24 pounds of ice a day. And, right now, it’s currently over $100 off at Amazon.


The Luma Comfort Clear Ice Cube Maker Machine sits on the counter and fits nicely under standard cabinets. It measures 14.8- by 11.3- by 14.1-inches and weighs a little less than 26 pounds making it relatively compact and easy to store. The outside of the machine is made of stainless steel, complementing any kitchen decor. Plus, it includes an ice scoop and a removable ice bin for easy dispensing of the cubes.

The ice machine’s storage area keeps ice colder longer too, since it has extra thick insulation. If you don’t use all of the ice and forget there are cubes left in the machine, any water from melted ice just drains back and is used the next time around. Using the ice machine is simple too. Fill the machine reservoir with water, and with a press of a button, it produces clear restaurant-quality ice.

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that you’ll never run out of ice again. During testing, we found that it made the most ice in an hour over all of the 15 other machines we evaluated. During our tests, it made a whopping 1 pound and 4.5 ounces of ice in less than 24 minutes. Speedy and efficient, this machine is the ideal choice for large gatherings. Another perk of this ice machine that we found when making ice, it was almost silent. Other machines we tested were excessively noisy and only produced half the amount of ice the Luma made in the allotted time.

The Luma ice maker hit it out of the park during our tests for both quality and speed, placing it as our top choice. Take running out of ice out of the equation in your home and snag one now while it’s on sale for $235 at Amazon.

At the time of publishing the price was $235.