Thermojinn 1

Thermojinn 1

Package Size 150.00cm * 110.00cm * 80.00cm Package Gross Weight 550.000kg Thermojinn Tube Ice Machine: Tube ice is a kin


Basic Info.
Model NO. TJT-150W
Automation Automation
Unit Structure Integral
Machine Size Medium
Ice Temperature -5℃~-10℃
Ice Shape Tube
Application Fields Food Processing;Drinking and Eating
Certification ISO, CCC
Condition New
Water Tank Stainless Steel
Ice Maker Flooded
Air Cooled Condensor Easy Cold
Compressor Semi Hermetic
Tube Stainless Steel
Transport Package Wooden Frame
Specification 15 Ton
Trademark Thermojinn
Origin China
Packaging & Delivery
Package Size 150.00cm * 110.00cm * 80.00cm Package Gross Weight 550.000kg
Product Description

Thermojinn 1-40 Ton/ 24hours Commercial Industrial Flake /Tube/Block Cube Ice Making Machine for Food Processing and Fishery

Thermojinn Tube Ice Machine:
Tube ice is a kind of regular hollow cylindrical transparent Ice,compared with other kinds of Ice, tube Ice has the highest density which is pure, has good air permeability and long storage life. Mainly used for human daily life,such as drinks freezing,wines mixing,food preservation, cold compress,and also used for food&aquatic products processing, poultry slaughtering, meat processing and other industries.
Product features
1: Thermojinn tube ice is hollow tube shaped, shiny and transparent, and environmentally friendly.
2: Multiple tube ice sizes available,Φ22mm,Φ29mm,Φ35mm etc.
3: Modular design, simple on-site maintenance, suitable for container transportation.
4: Thermojinn pursues the manufacture of high-quality and high sanitary tube ice machines. The mechanical parts in contact with water are made of SUS304 stainless steel, and the tube ice produced is clean and sanitary, and can be directly eaten.
5: Fully automatic control, saving labor cost.Main components:
• Ice making evaporator module Evaporator plate: Direct evaporation of refrigerant, flooded ice making evaporator, high ice making efficiency.Stainless steel high efficiency tube.External insulation construction of evaporator, anti-corrosion, heat preservation and energy conservation.Stainless steel ice cutting transmission mechanism makes the length of pipe ice uniform and the cut smooth and beautiful.
Water input system:The special closed water system maintains the low temperature of ice making water, with high ice making efficiency and water saving. All mechanical parts in contact with water are stainless steel to ensure the cleanness of water.
Ice Defrosting and dropping system: Specially designed double circuit hot gas deicing mode, fast deicing and quick freezing, small system impact, high efficiency, safety and stability.
• Compressor unit module:
  1. Compressor - World famous brand semi hermetic compressor.
  2. Vessels - liquid receiver, oil separator (when needed), suction accumulator;
  3. Piping - suction and discharge;
  4. Valves - Danfoss/ AMG
  5. Control Panel - ThermoJinn
• Condensing module.
  1. Water cooling tower or
  2. Evaporative condenser or
  3. Air-cooled condenser
Thermojinn Tube ice machine parameter:
ModelCapacity (t/24hr)Refrigeration capacity (kw) Install Power (kw)Power consumption (kw)Dimension (mm)Operating weight (kg)
Φ2000x2410Cooling tower:650
Φ2175x2565Cooling tower:1120
Φ2175x2565Cooling tower:1120
Φ2650x2645Cooling tower:1300
Φ2650x2645Cooling tower:1300

* W- Water cooled condenser with cooling tower. A-Air cooled condenser . Have Evaporative condenser for optional.
* Refrigerant:R22/R404A/R507. Power: 380V/3P/50HZ.
* Condition: Ambient temperature:35ºC. Wet-B: 25ºC. Water inlet temperature: 20ºC
* 15T-40T Tube ice machine are Split installation.

Thermojinn 1-40 Ton/ 24hours Commercial Industrial Flake /Tube/Block Cube Ice Making Machine for Food Processing and Fishery


1: How long is the delivery time?
It takes within 1 month from receipt of the deposit to preparation of the goods.

2: How long is the quality guarantee period?
The warranty period is 1 year, and the after-sales service is available 24 hours.

3: What is your price?
Our FOB price is based on quantity, material and size you required.The more machines you order, the lower price we will give! Also CIF CNF price is the same.
4: What can you do for us?
All material/ size are available, also we can customize products as your requirements. Any questions, pls don't hesitate to contact us.

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