Aug 11, 2023

Psst! We Found Countertop Nugget Ice Machines on Sale for Up to 57% Off

One model makes a nugget every three seconds.

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Real Simple / Madison Woiten

During one of the hottest summers on record, with climbing temperatures that show no sign of slowing down, we’re in some desperate need of relief. The bed sheets? Swapped for cooling fabrics. The ice roller? Ready to go on a freezer shelf. Of course, the thermostat also calls for a frosty beverage. Nugget ice makers have been all the rage across TikTok and Instagram Reels for the past few years. What you might once have only relished at your preferred drive-thru fast food station is now accessible in your own home—and we’ve gathered up several on-sale models to shop now.

Shoppers have raved about nugget ice machines for many reasons. They produce ice quickly, a necessity during those sweltering days when each member of the household is emptying out the ice every five minutes. Nugget ice can keep your drink colder for longer because it doesn’t melt as quickly as cube ice. The soft, chewable ice is beyond refreshing during a heat wave, and the hardness means that you won’t damage blender blades with it—so you can make all the frosé and smoothies you’d like without worry. These devices tend to fit on the countertop for convenience, and you can also plug them in directly to your water supply for continuous refills.

Still, nugget ice machines can cost a pretty penny because they have to make the ice in a specifically engineered way (plus, they feel luxurious). We’ve done the hard work for you though, rounding up models you can snag now at a discount. Keep reading to shop nugget ice machines on sale for a limited time.


This self-cleaning nugget ice machine can produce up to 33 pounds a day, with the appliance holding up to 3.3 pounds of ice at a time. It’s small enough to feel relatively unobtrusive on a countertop or bar cart. This is one of the quickest models on this list, with your first batch of “pebble ice” whipped up in 15 minutes or less. Its auto-refill capability and LED time preset technology make it especially appealing too, as you can schedule up to two times per day to make a fresh batch of ice, ensuring you’ll get the perfect chilled cocktail at happy hour. Shop it now while it’s $130 off with an on-page coupon.


This nugget ice maker produces enough ice for three to five drinks in an hour, and is one of the smallest options on this list for those who detest giving up countertop space. One shopper wrote in an Amazon review, “I was initially concerned that a compact machine couldn’t keep up with my demand, but this one does,” noting that it takes up less room than a previous model they owned. Act fast to buy while it’s 33 percent off with an on-page coupon.


Smart home aficionados are going to want this iconic GE model, seen all over social media. Its compatibility with voice-controlled systems like Alexa and Google Home make it a tech-savvy buy. It even has built-in WiFi connectivity, so you can monitor its capacity and schedule fresh ice. Because it recirculates melted ice to the water reservoir and sends it through the system again, you’ll always have clump-free ice that retains its shape for the most satisfying scoop of ice every time. While this upscale kitchen appliance will cost you, now’s a great time to buy while it’s on sale for 22 percent off.


Score a whopping 57 percent off this nugget ice maker for a limited time. Its impressive automation makes it a winner among shoppers, as it has advanced infrared sensors which detects when the ice bin is full and suspends operations—so you never have to worry about making excess. This model is also quiet, efficient, and clear in its instructions.


We’re sorely tempted by this innovative nugget ice maker, which has self-dispensing capabilities. Simply place your glass under the dispenser and press the corresponding button to get a glass full of crunchy, delicious ice.


Need a larger capacity? This nugget ice maker holds up to 44 pounds (producing one nugget every three seconds), and is available in five different colorways. This particular appliance also has a large viewing window, self-cleaning function, and quiet operation.