Jun 16, 2024

Waygate Technologies

And we’re ready to be your partner in non-destructive testing (NDT) for industrial inspection

We offer more premium non-destructive testing solutions than any other NDT brand — from safer X-ray, to advanced digital, to ultra-precise computed tomography, radiographic testing to HD remote visual inspection and ultrasonic portables.

Quickly reveal internal defects, deviations in thickness, assembly details, and other components and geometries that are otherwise invisible with the widest range of advanced 2D X-ray and 3D computed tomography solutions and services with unmatched speed, accuracy, and precision.

Get the most precise, efficient inspection results to make smarter decisions using our best-in-class visual NDT solutions that feature built-in inspection workflows (MDI), remote connectivity, Real3D measurement, assisted defect recognition and image quality like you’ve never seen before.

Protect a wide range of critical industrial assets with the most trusted and highly accurate portable and automated industrial ultrasound inspection solutions built for durability, versatility, and efficiency.

As global leader in NDT software, Waygate Technologies offers a broad portfolio of integrated and standalone solutions so you can make critical decisions with greater confidence. Our tools are designed to help you make the most of your NDT equipment for smarter, faster, and safer inspections.

From solutions centers to inspection services, reporting, and more, our team of experts is here to help you reach your goals.

We are partnering with some of the world's most prominent brands across every industry to deliver peace of mind.

Today, hundreds of industrial partners around the globe trust our industrial inspection solutions and expertise to improve reliability and boost productivity. We're helping customers drive their digital transformation by applying state-of-the-art data and analytics to reveal groundbreaking insights and solve business challenges. Your peace of mind starts here.

Tightening compliance regulations are making precise inspections more vital than ever. At the same time, the pressure to reduce operating costs is intense. Trusted by the aviation and space industries for over 100 years to inspect everything from plane motors to rocket components, we have the smart, productive and lean inspection solutions aerospace needs to meet these dual challenges in both manufacturing and maintenance.

Waygate Technologies offers industry-leading solutions for the rigorous quality requirements of the automotive industry — from castings and composites to weld and bond seam inspection to general electronics, sensors and battery scanning. Bring fast, accurate, cost-effective NDT solutions to the floor of your plant.

Li-Ion batteries are among the most powerful energy storage devices commonly used in portable electronic devices, stationary power sources and electric vehicles. Our broad portfolio of premium X-ray inspection and CT systems supports quality control and failure analysis at all stages of a battery’s lifecycle.

From smartphones and computers to electric cars and airplanes, solder joints, semiconductor packages and electrical components are vital to so many of our most important devices. We bring high resolution 2D X-ray and 3D Computed Tomography (CT) inspection solutions right to the electronics production line and the R&D lab to ensure the safety and integrity of components.

We are working with the energy industry to optimize the future of power. Our power generation solutions benefit coal-fired, nuclear, natural gas, hydroelectric, wind turbine, and other power generation plants. From software that helps customers identify problems before they arise, to hardware backed by decades of ingenuity, our solutions power the energy industry to maximize asset integrity and mitigate costly shutdowns.

Today’s manufacturers are creating more complex parts than ever before — making inspections more challenging. Waygate Technologies’ industrial non-destructive testing solutions give manufacturers the ability to inspect and measure these complicated components and assemblies at the speed of production, so innovation can keep marching forward.

From pacemakers and other battery powered implants like nerve stimulators or cochlear implants, to orthophedic implants, dental replacements and brackets, catheters, surgical staples to hearing aids and insulin pumps - Waygate Technologies offers customized medical inspection solutions with world leading CT-image quality.

Waygate Technologies partners with leaders in the oil and gas industry to simplify complex inspections, improve productivity and make refineries safer. Bring the utmost confidence to every inspection with industry-leading NDT solutions ranging from field-tested flaw detectors, to lightweight yet rugged scanners, to state-of-the-art inspection software.

Waygate Technologies has been on the cutting edge of nondestructive testing solutions for laboratories and academic study. We’ve pioneered technologies including nanofocus X-ray tubes, micro- and nano-computed tomography, and ultrasonic inspection. Leading scientists around the globe, in fields from materials science to geology to archaeology, rely on our superior imaging capabilities to make the invisible visible.

In a time of rapid change for the transportation industry, Waygate Technologies is proud to help achieve the goals that remain most important: safety and reliability. Our partners can be confident in every inspection they conduct with our industry-leading NDT solutions — from solid axle mechanized testers for rail to X-ray detectors for infrastructure corrosion monitoring.

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In its long history, Waygate Technologies combines more than 125 years of experience as well as a global DNA with the unsurpassed precision of German engineering. Headquartered in Germany, Waygate Technologies is part of the Industrial & Energy Technology (IET) segment of Baker Hughes (NASDAQ: BKR).

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