1000kg/ Day Brine Cooling Block Ice Machine Used in The Food Processing

1000kg/ Day Brine Cooling Block Ice Machine Used in The Food Processing

Product OverviewBrine refrigeration block ice machine is a kind of ice making method using salt water as heat exchange m


Basic Info.
Model NO. BMSB10
Application Fields Aquatic Fishery
Certification ISO, CE
Condition New
Compressor Power 4.15kw
Rated Current 9.6A
Warrant 12 Months
Refrigerant R22/R404A
Refrigerate Capacity 8.6kw
Total Power 4.9kw
Output 1t
Transport Package Plywood Case
Specification 5600mm*1900mm*1600mm
Trademark Icema
Origin China
HS Code 8418699020
Production Capacity 50000
Product Description

1000kg/ Day Brine Cooling Block Ice Machine Used in The Food Processing

Product OverviewBrine refrigeration block ice machine is a kind of ice making method using salt water as heat exchange medium. it uses shell-tube or coil evaporator as a tool for heat exchange between refrigerant and salt water. it uses the circulation of salt water in the brine pool to take away the temperature of the fresh water inside the ice bucket and turn the fresh water into ice. Traditional brine type piece of ice machine need civil salt pond, In recently years ICEMA company in order to market demand, launched an integrated brine block ice machine, daily production brine under 20 ton type piece of ice machine can not civil salt pond, at ice machine factory assembly is completed, the machine arrived at the customer site, only need to put away the ice machine, driving, installation and connection between the unit and the cooling tower of pipeFeature
1. The tradition craft of brine heat ice, ice making machine running stable, low failure rate;.

2. According to customer requirements, design suitable block ice machine for customer request;

3. The ice mold can be made of galvanized sheet or stainless steel;

4. The machine process of ice is full automatic control; don't need a professional people with certificates;

5. Production capacity: 1~20T/24hrs, with block ice weight of 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg and 25kg.

6. Shortest installation and commissioning time, loved by the users.

7. Ice size can be customization.

Suitable Industry1. The fruits and vegetables preservation transportation industry,2. Ice sculptures, ice exhibition,3. The meat processing plant, live poultry slaughter plant, seafood processing,4. Mine cooling, plant cooling,5. The chemical industry.
Technical Parameter
ModelOutput(T)Refrigerate Capacity(Kw)Total Power(Kw)Rated Current(A)Ice Temperature(ºC)CompressorPower(Kw)RefrigerantCooling WayUnit SizeL*W*H(mm)
BMSB101T8.64.99.6-84.15R22/R404AAir cooling/ Water cooling4200*1600*1500
BMSB202T15.788.0416-87.11R22/R404AAir cooling/ Water cooling5000*1600*1500
BMSB303T21.512.3724.3-89.74R22/R404AAir cooling/ Water cooling5600*1900*1600
BMSB505T38.521.5643.12-817.43R22/R404AWater cooling/ Evaporative cooling6400*2600*1600
BMSB10010T77.344.688.8-836.7R22/R404AWater cooling/ Evaporative cooling7600*2600*1750
BMSB15015T11562.7125-853.3R22/R404AWater cooling/Evaporative cooling9600*2600*1750
BMSB20020T14790.5181-875R22/R404AWater cooling/Evaporative cooling10400*3000*1800
BMSB25025T19497194-885.5R22/R404AWater cooling/Evaporative cooling9200*4100*1800
BMSB30030T234.8125250-8103R22/R404AWater cooling/Evaporative cooling10300*4500*1800
BMSB40040T308147294-8121.5R22/R404AWater cooling/Evaporative cooling12300*4500*1800
BMSB50050T368185.6378-8150R22/R404AWater cooling/Evaporative cooling12300*5400*1800
BMSB60060T455.8215428-8181.5R22/R404AWater cooling/ Evaporative cooling13800*5400*1800

Stable operation, Low failure rateGalanized and 304 stainless steel ice bucketSalt water as a heat exchange mediummakes ice more resistant to meltingThe size of the block ice can be customizedApplication Field

1000kg/ Day Brine Cooling Block Ice Machine Used in The Food Processing

Company Profile

1000kg/ Day Brine Cooling Block Ice Machine Used in The Food Processing

SHANGHAI ICEMA Refrigeration Technology CO., LTD. is a technology-based enterprise that pay atttention to user's experience. According to customer's requirements, company can produce intermediate,low and ultra low temperature refrigeration system, covering cooling, keeping fresh, cold storing, freezing, quckily freezing and other fields, our machines not only have a large market share in china, and aslo be exported to Southeast Aisha, Africa, Middle East, South America, Europe and other countries.According to the developing requirement of the market, ICEMA Refrigeration Technology CO., LTD. has developed a group of standard machine for customers in all industries, including brine refrigeration block ice machine, direct refrigeration block ice machine(high quality aluminum plate), tube ice machine, seawater type flake ice machine, freshwater typr flake ice machine, plate ice machine, surry ice machine, cube ice machine, water chiller, rake ice storage, spiral ice storage, fruits, vegetables and meet cold storage, spiral ice feed system, etc. In suzhou we have our OEM factory that is specialized to provide all kinds of air condenser and terminal devices of air condition."Green refrigeration, low carbon and energy saving" is perpetual goal of ICEMA. In order to answer the call of to the chinese association of refrigeration, the next five years, ICEMA refrigeration technology co., ltd. wlii provide more engry saving and efficient refrigeration machines, write a new chapter for refrigeration industry that is real green, low carbon and energy savingICEMA Refrigeraion Technology co., ltd. has developed a high tech sophisticated(good attitude, fast response, good cost) after-sales service team. More than ten years ICEMA people take actions that is based on customer's interested, and treat service quality as with service quality as criterion, we get high praise from our customers from all industries. Recently, we will use the equipment quality and service quality to creat a card of refrigeration industry.

1000kg/ Day Brine Cooling Block Ice Machine Used in The Food Processing

1000kg/ Day Brine Cooling Block Ice Machine Used in The Food Processing



1. What should i do before i get the price?

Please provide some information with our salesman, such as how many tons of ice do you want to produce/consume per day? .what is the voltage, phase and frequency in your side and do you have any requirements about the size of the ice? after we konw these, According to all your requirements ,we can make a quotation sheet to you that is completely belong to you.

2.How can i konw your factory is ture?

If it is convenient for you, we warmly welcome you to visit our factory in china, but if it is not convenient for you to come to our factory, Don't worry! please tell our salesmen your whatsapp number, she will show your our factory and machines by video, and show you everything what can prove we are a real factory.

3.When can I get the price?

Because the time is different between us, if our salesmen is online, she will reply you in 5 minutes. If she is not online, she will reply you in 6 hours.

4.If i want you to send the machine in my side, what should i do ?

Please tell our salesman the nearest port in your side, she will consult the best price for you about the shipping fee or air fee. Before the machine arrives at your port, we will prepare all the customs clearance materials for you. You only need to find the customs clearance company and leave the rest to us.

5. What is your price?

Our FOB price is based on quantity, material and size you required. The more machines you order, the lower price we will give!

6.Can i get specific details about how the whole machine processing will go?

After we get all the machine's requirements from you, first our engineers will make a specific quotation sheet to you, which will include all the machine's information, and engineers will also draw a three-dimensional drwaing to you to let you know the structure of the machine. After you pay us the deposit, we will start to produce the machine and our salesman will show you the progress of machine's production by video, the purpose is to let to participate in this progress. if you want to know more details, please feel free to contact us.

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